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Guardian homes for Standard Poodles, Old English Sheepdogs and Sheepadoodles in the Austin Tx area.


Liberty Hill Sheepadoodles Guardian Home Program

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home please read on for further information as to what is expected from the Guardian Home as well as Liberty Hill Sheepadoodles.

Liberty Hill Sheepadoodles Guardian Home Program grants qualified families/individuals guardianship of a breeding (male or female) puppy/dog by placing a puppy chosen by the breeder into the guardian family's home. Liberty Hill Sheepadoodles (Breeder) grants Guardian Home Family (Guardian) sole ownership of the dog at the end of the contract period, which will conclude after four breeding cycles producing at least 4 puppies each. Guardian agrees to abide by the terms below. Guardian’s failure to fulfill these responsibilities can result in Breeder terminating the guardianship agreement and Guardian will be required to return the dog to Breeder. Should the Breeder need to seek legal action against the Guardian for violations of this agreement, the Guardian will assume any and all attorney costs and court fees.

1. Guardian will provide home to dog with fenced yard and will keep dog in fenced yard or on leash at all times. Guardian will notify Breeder 30 days in advance of change of address or move, and must stay in the general vicinity of first address/city for agreement to continue with Breeder. Guardian will inform Breeder of vacations or planned absences. Any person caring for the dog in the Guardian’s absence must be approved in advance by the Breeder. Guardian is responsible to ensure that all persons residing with Guardian and dog understand and abide by the terms of this contract.

2. Guardian is responsible for properly maintaining, containing, training and caring for the dog. Dog will not be left outdoors during extreme weather conditions and will never be chained. Dog will be maintained at the ideal body condition score (5) for ideal physical and reproductive health. Female will not reside with an intact male dog.

3. Guardian will provide and pay for routine veterinary care including sick and well checkups, and will inform Breeder (emailing vet reports and records). Guardian will provide required immunization boosters, rabies immunization, Sentinel Spectrum monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative treatments and other routine health checkups and treatments. Guardian will maintain the dog’s physical appearance with grooming, brushing, de-matting, and will keep nails clipped, and cleaning ears and teeth. Guardian will notify Breeder immediately with any health concerns, illnesses, accidents, etc. Within five days of taking puppy home, Guardian will send Breeder vet record for first exam, and list of immunizations given. Guardian will make sure puppy has required set of immunizations completed and will send Breeder vet records from each exam.

Guardian will provide Breeder with the name, address and telephone numbers for their veterinarian.

4. Guardian is responsible for seeking prompt and appropriate veterinary care in the event of injury or illness of the dog. If choices need to be made regarding type of treatment, these choices must be presented to and made by the Breeder unless emergency treatment is required. Guardian will be responsible for routine vet costs and treatment for accidents or injury. 

5. Guardian will surrender dog to Breeder whenever requested and on occasions such as, but not limited to, when female is in heat, breeding, whelping, and vet visits. Guardian will transport dog for breeding and whelping, to deliver and to pick up if needed.

6. Guardian will be required to pay Breeder $3000 if the dog dies due to negligence on the part of the Guardian. Negligence is defined as but not limited to: (1) failure to responsibly contain or supervise the dog; (2) leaving the dog alone in a vehicle if the outdoor temperature is over 65 degrees; (3) failure to prevent the dog from having access to toxic materials; (4) failure to provide containment of dog while in a moving vehicle (crate) if not contained inside the vehicle (ie pickup bed). If the dog dies due to accident beyond the control of the Guardian, the Guardian does not owe payment to the Breeder. If the dog dies due to non-treatable or genetic health issue, the Guardian will not be held responsible in any way. If the dog disappears during the contract period, Guardian will pay Breeder $3000.

7. Guardian of a female will check the dog for signs of beginning heat cycles as per instruction by Breeder. The Guardian will notify Breeder when changes indicating impending heat cycles appear, and Breeder will let Guardian know when to meet deliver the dog for breeding. Guardian must deliver the dog to Breeder on the date Breeder specifies.

8. For whelping, the dog will be kept by Breeder (approximately 7 days before litter’s due date), and will go home after the puppies are weaned (when the puppies are approximately 6 weeks of age or earlier, to be determined by Breeder).

9. Guardian of a female will allow the Breeder four successful breedings. A “successful breeding” is a litter with more than 4 puppies.

10. Guardian may return the dog to Breeder at any time, for any reason and the guardianship agreement will be terminated.

11. Breeder will retain ownership of the dog until the end of the Guardian Home Contract period. At that time, Breeder will pay to have the dog spayed or neutered. Legal ownership of the dog will be transferred from Breeder to Guardian at this time.

12. All guardian home dogs will be fed Life’s Abundance All Life Stages dog food and NuVet Plus Canine Suppliments while in the guardianship program.

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